HVAC Service & Repair

Action Duct Cleaning Company services and repairs HVAC systems, making sure the heating, ventilating and air conditioning system in your home, residential community or facility is running well and operating at peak efficiency. 

For the past forty years, Action Duct has worked on thousands of HVAC systems. We remain committed to expert workmanship and our honest reputation for all service and repair assistance.

HVAC maintenance is important for energy efficiency, consistent temperature control and good air quality for indoor comfort, reducing the need for major repairs, and prolonging the life of your heating and air conditioning system. If you experience a breakdown, leak or other issue, Action Duct will send one of our expert HVAC technicians out promptly to help.

Popular Services

Action has a C20 License and  provides several HVAC service & repair services, including:

  • Condensate drain pipe inspection & cleanout. A clogged drain pipe can result in mold and mildew buildup in the furnace or unit cavity and ultimately in attics or crawl spaces.
  • Coil repair. A lot of units have damaged fins. Repairing them restores efficiency.
  • Condenser & evaporator coil cleaning. Having these coils professionally cleaned is one of the best ways to optimize the efficiency and life of the HVAC system.
  • Pressure testing. Low freon can wreak havoc on units. Freon can be checked and, if low, charged.
  • Leak testing. Leaks can cause low freon and other issues, and be a constant nuisance. Action Duct can test for leaks and do repairs if any leaks are found. 
  • Capacitor replacement. A lot of capacitors are past their life expectancy and need to be replaced.
  • Heat exchange testing & replacement
  • Blower testing & replacement
  • Proactive inspection & diagnosis to save energy (energy audit)
  • Testing if return is the right size for the system (& replacing it, if not)

Who We Service

We’re committed to working side-by-side with:

Read more about how to know when your HVAC system is due for a cleaning.


Whether you are just gathering information, would like a quote, or are ready to schedule service, we’re happy to help.

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