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Whether you run a restaurant, hotel, hospital or cafeteria, Action Duct’s thorough work, attention to your needs and fair pricing enable you to manage your facility’s duct and exhaust cleaning needs with peace of mind.

Thousands of restaurants, numerous hospitals such as Cedar Sinai, and dozens of hotels like the Four Seasons and the Marriott have relied on Action Duct for years for kitchen exhaust cleaning, HVAC cleaning and pressure washing services.

Action Duct works closely with contractors, facility managers, plant managers and engineers to aggressively deliver results on your toughest cleaning jobs. We work with your schedule and needs to take facility maintenance burdens off your plate and streamline the process, so you can focus on your core business.

We’re on call 24/7 with rapid response teams in case you have a crisis. Our workmanship and thoroughness have been heavily vetted and we have the highest certifications in the industry, including ISN, NADCA, AIB International and IKECA.

Action Duct takes your health, comfort and wallet seriously. We work closely with HOA managers and homeowners to provide air duct cleaning, dryer duct cleaning and other services that optimize indoor air quality and energy savings.

Whether you have a single family home or are managing homeowner community associations, we work around your schedule and have the expertise to meet your needs with excellence. We’ve done so for over 40 years, for tens of thousands of homeowners.

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Air Duct Cleaning

Action Duct Cleaning provides expert air duct cleaning services with a relentless focus on quality. In business for over 40 years, we have the most tenured, conscientious foremen in the business, for zero compromise when it comes to fire safety, air quality, energy savings and the health of your workers, customers, family, patients and students.

We stand by our work, and back it up with our Action Duct Guarantee.

Professional Duct Cleaning Services

Restaurant Cleaning Services

Restaurants, hotels, hospitals, schools, employee cafeterias and all commercial kitchens are required to undergo regular kitchen exhaust cleaning to comply with insurance and legal requirements and to maintain smoke-free kitchens.

Action Duct’s roots began in 1978 by providing restaurant cleaning services that deliver the cleanest, healthiest and safest environment and ductwork from the inside out, with meticulous attention to detail and customer service. Whether you have a single restaurant, restaurant chain or operate a food service establishment inside a larger facility, we invite you to contact us to discuss your needs.

Popular Services Include:

Pressure Washing Services

Pressure Washing

Grease residue, smoke and environmental pollutants can accumulate quickly on kitchen equipment, ducts, walls and other surfaces. Outside walls, sidewalks and parking lots can be a nuisance to keep clean. Our pressure washing services blast away stubborn grease, contaminants, gum and graffiti, leaving your interior and exterior environment spotlessly clean and looking like new again.

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Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

Kitchen Exhaust

Kitchen exhaust cleaning is required by law for all commercial cooking establishments in the US. Our thorough approach, often entailing going where no service provider has gone before, ensures compliance, and keeps your hood and exhaust systems in top working order, impeccably clean and safe from fires.

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HVAC Cleaning

HVAC Cleaning

HVAC Cleaning in your restaurant is important for maintaining healthy air quality, removing odors from cooking, and improving efficiency of cooling and heating your facility.

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Commercial & Industrial Duct Cleaning

Whether you have a manufacturing facility, office building, retail store, healthcare facility or other commercial or industrial property, Action Duct Cleaning takes facility maintenance burdens off your plate and works around your needs, so you can focus on running your business. As a pioneer of best practices in duct cleaning services, we get the job done right, every time.

For sensitive areas, we are trained in contamination containment and the unique requirements of healthcare, scientific, manufacturing, and other environments where meticulous care is demanded.

We are happy to educate customers and answer any questions, so you can make well-informed facility maintenance decisions for your business.

Popular Services Include:

HVAC Cleaning


Dust, dirt, allergens and other particulates in the environment collect inside the HVAC system, reducing how effectively and efficiently it can cool or heat your building. This makes your system work harder and affects the air your breathe. Action Duct is a leader in setting the standards for proper HVAC cleaning. We thoroughly clean all components, not just the ducts. This reduces your utility bills, provides a cleaner work environment, and lessens your risk of employee health issues.

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Silo Cleaning


Silos should be cleaned regularly on the inside to remove residue that promotes infestation and microbial contamination. Silo cleaning also ensures that storage capacity isn’t occupied by buildup.

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Industrial Oven Cleaning

Industrial Oven

When an industrial oven isn’t working properly or efficiently, or your manufactured products come out of the oven sprinkled with debris, it is often an indicator that an industrial oven cleaning is needed. Our comprehensive process removes residue and debris, improves efficiency and minimizes the risk of fires.

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Residential Duct Cleaning

We have worked with thousands of homeowners, HOA Managers and property managers to provide homes, townhouses, condos and apartments with duct cleaning and other services to prevent fire risk, significantly improve air quality and reduce energy bills. We have years of experience cleaning hard-to-access areas and mitigating fire and water damage.

Popular Services Include:

Dryer Duct Cleaning

Dryer Duct

Dryer duct cleaning is an often neglected but vital part of home maintenance, particularly for fire prevention. Dryers are the primary cause of home fires. Lint and dust don’t stop in the lint screen. They collect inside the duct work and other components of your machine. This limits the pathway to vent gases and moisture from drying your clothes. Air duct cleaning keeps your dryer running efficiently, shortening your drying cycle time and saving you money on energy bills.

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Heating And Air Conditioning

Heating and Air
Conditioning Cleaning

Running your heater or air conditioner requires substantial energy use. Dust, food and environmental allergens, and air pollution make their way into the your household’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning system, affecting air quality. Professional air duct cleaning is important to a healthy home environment and to conserve energy use.

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Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

Kitchen Exhaust

Grease residue clings to the hood and ducts when you cook, creating a less sanitary cooking space and posing a fire risk. Kitchen exhaust cleaning removes grease and smoke buildup from the cooking area, creating a cleaner, cooler and safer environment and maximizing the efficiency of your exhaust system.

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We’ll come to your home to inspect your furnace, air conditioner and duct work at no charge, to see if they even need cleaning or service.

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