Action Duct's fire and smoke dampers inspection and repair services involve a thorough assessment and necessary maintenance of these critical safety components to ensure their proper functioning in the event of a fire.


Fire & Smoke Dampers Inspection & Repair

Fire and smoke dampers prevent fires from spreading through the ductwork in your building. Located inside the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) ducts, HVAC duct fire dampers and smoke dampers need regular inspection and maintenance to comply with NFPA 80, the standard for fire doors and other opening protectives.

Action Duct will ensure that the dampers in your restaurant, hospital or facility comply with NFPA 80, local and state building codes. All of our work is guaranteed to pass fire, health and insurance inspection.

How Often Should Fire and Smoke Dampers Be Inspected?

  • 1 year after installation for all facilities
  • Every 4 years thereafter in non-healthcare facilities
  • Every 6 years thereafter in hospitals
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Industrial Damper Services offered by Action Duct

  • Locating all fire and smoke dampers and noting their locations on your blueprints
  • Fire damper inspection, maintenance, and repair
  • Inspecting actuators to make sure they are operable and verify that they close fully
  • Repairing fusible links
  • Replacing malfunctioning dampers
  • Life safety testing. A life safety system refers to any system that is designed to protect and preserve human life during an emergency or failure of a critical building system.

We do not do fire door inspections but can provide referrals if desired.