"I’ve used Action Duct Cleaning now twice, and both times I’m been so happy with their service.  My first experience with them is when I owned a townhome two years ago. The dryer vent became clogged, and I needed someone to clean it out. I found this business on Yelp, and they were able to come out on relatively short notice to get the task taken care of. A price quote was given It was a relatively complicated task it turns out, because the dryer vent path traveled a long distance between laundry room and the exterior vent hole. It was also SO clogged and had things like socks stuck in it as well. Crazy.  My second experience was just this week, at a different home that I’ve lived in now for almost a year. I knew I needed to get the ducts and HVAC cleaned out, and the dryer vent as well. I was provided a quote over the phone with standard pricing per vent, for the HVAC unit, and for the dryer vent. The technician was extremely clean while working, and vacuumed any signs of dust or mess prior to leaving. I’m really happy to have everything cleaned out now, since allergy season is in full swing and the summer is approaching. I think my only gripe is that when they take the vents off (and this is for any service out there), they have to cut them off with an exacto knife. The type-A person in me will go through the entire house to make the vents look seamless again. But I realize this is just me, and the technician did what he had to do to get the job done... still rather neat, if you ask me. If you are looking for a duct cleaning service, I highly recommend Action Duct Cleaning."

Jen W.

"We just completed our dryer duct cleaning using Action Duct Cleaning for our condominium complex.  Andy was our technician and did a wonderful job on all of the participating units.  He was timely, worked quickly and efficiently on 23 units. We had many units had not been done in years and had experienced ceiling leaks in the vent line to building’s exterior.  We could not believe how much lent was in our vent lines - even ones that had been cleaned a couple of years ago.  Additionally, he did a beautiful job with the clean up.  Cleaning really cut down my dryer’s drying time..."

Vivian V.

"Claudio from Action duct came to clean our A/C ducts just over 3 years ago. He did a great job. Because my wife has severe allergies, particularly to dust, we decided to have the ducts cleaned again, albeit it is on the short time frame of recommended maintenance Claudio arrived early and once again was terrific in all aspects of the job. He is efficient, courteous, and knowledgeable. The job is labor intensive and generates a lot of noise. He covered the apartment before beginning and cleaned up thoroughly. All in all, great job!"

Allan B.

"Our home owners association hired on ACTION DUCT and WOW!! what a difference - our dryer works wonderfully again! Andy knows what he’s doing!"

Chringram I.

"Andy from Action Duct has been coming to my place once a year for three years now. I thought my dryer was broken because clothes were just getting wet and steamy. But, I live in a condo with an odd design, and the dryer vents into a long duct that goes through a wall and around a corner before it vents outside. Andy discovered that this long duct was clogged up. In no time, he had it cleaned out and my dryer worked beautifully. He also noticed that protective cover over the exterior vent was too tight a mesh, and was causing reduced airflow. He replaced it with a wider mesh and that helped a lot, too. Now he comes out once a year to clean out whatever has accumulated in that long duct. He’s courteous, responsible and 100% honest. He’s not going to recommend work that you don’t need. He could have done that with me, and he didn’t! I highly recommend Action Duct."

Kenneth S.

"This was only one of two companies that would even come out to do a residential stove vent job, and the other company was unprofessional. The Action Duct technician called to let me know he would be a little late (traffic), which was very courteous. The tech (Andrew) was courteous, friendly, and efficient.  He got right to work, did a thorough job, answered all my questions and explained what he did.  He even had good advice on how to clean the vent filters in the future.  Lastly, he cleaned up what he had dirtied, including the sink, and put plastic out to protect the cooktop.  The price for a one hour job was very fair.  I would use Action Duct again."

Carolyn W.

"Once again, we had a phenomenal experience with Action Duct! Jesse was here this weekend cleaning the ducts for our entire complex. We also opted to have him do some individual work in our unit to clean our vents. He was absolutely amazing! Truly genuinely cared about us and doing great work to make sure our ducts/vents were perfectly clean! He is trustworthy, thorough and also just nice and fun. He was so great with our toddler, who thought that duct cleaning was the coolest thing ever, he spent time to chat with all of us and explain what he was doing (so it really became entertainment and learning for our son - and us too!). Thank you, Jesse!"

Rebecca C.

"Called Action Duct to replace my dryer’s vent hose and clean the vent and Andy did a great job. He came on the same day I called and he was able to hold the heavy dryer up while he replace the hose. Excellent job and a super nice guy."

Daniela B.

"Andy and his assistant Nick serviced my condo and my parents’ condo on the same day and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience!  They were super professional- carefully removed & replaced registers, cleaned ducts, laid out drop cloths and plastic sheeting where needed, and cleaned wall and floor areas affected by the job.  Andy was very honest with the pricing and my bill was actually a lot lower than estimated due to a number of ducts being unserviceable.  I will definitely be calling Action Duct again in the future and strongly recommend them to anyone who needs their ducts cleaned! Thanks again guys for an awesome job!!!"

Mimi J.

"This review is specifically for the tech they sent Marvin, if you want this experience you’ll have to ask for him in my opinion (and yes I have a basis for comparison). Marvin was excellent, incredibly knowledgeable and genuinely passionate about what he was doing. He showed me before and after pictures, even caught an empty coffee cup a painter must have left in our vents and cleaned out quite a bit of gunk from the vents in general. For what feels like a very elective thing to do on your home it absolutely made a difference and the air quality feels much better, we don’t get headaches or that feeling of breathing stuffy air anymore. He was incredibly thorough, polite, professional and most importantly detailed in his work. If you want this same result I can say with certainty you’ll want to request him. I’m very glad because of a last minute cancellation from the manager who wouldn’t reschedule earlier than two months away with us (lol) we actually got Marvin in his place, we actually got extremely lucky. Very happy we got our ducts cleaned and by him."

S. K.

"Andy saved our hides! I was an on-site property manager in Sherman Oaks until a recent job change. Last December we had a huge plumbing emergency that caused massive leaking from the roof down through 3 floors to the garage level. So what does that have to do with ducting? I became the project manager over-seeing the removal of all the washers, dryers while we repaired the ceilings, walls and floors of those 3 levels. We accounted for painters to lay drywall and paint, electricians to reconnect the outlets, the washing machine service to reinstall the machines...but no one to connect the machines to the ducting. Yikes! It was friday after a week of no laundry, I had angry tenants prepping for holiday visitors and the need to do my own laundry after 2 weeks of reno-hell! I called Action Duct and they got Andy out to us within hours! He cleaned the ducts, re- connected our ductwork to the machines, through the wall holes, sealed it all up and made sure the mounts were secure before leaving. I was thrilled with the communication between the office and technician. Andy was polite to the residents, cleaned up his mess and left the space looking better than when he started. I shared the info with other property managers in the area and can’t wait to call them to service my next place!"

Terra O.

"I manage HOA's. Action Duct adapts as needed based on the property needs."

Cyndi Bolander

"They did a great job at a fair price.  Juan Moreno was very professional and we would hire again."

Bob S.

"Andy is great, and the company is exactly the kind of company I want to give my wedding business to. Isaac made the appointment and told me Andy would be here at 2. Not only was he here exactly at 2, he called me 45 minutes in advance just to confirm I would be here, and to let me know when he would arrive. He had cleaned out my clogged dryer vent in 10 minutes flat. Andy is my duct cleaner for life!"

Evelyn A.

"This company was so professional.  We called in the AM and Andy come out to inspect our ducts. We thought a dead rodent got into the system, which wasn’t the case.  Andy spent a lot of time cleaning out the ducts, recommending some fixes we could make on our own to better seal areas.  He really educated us on AC system in our home and went over all the details with us. Although the service is not cheap it was well worth every penny, you get what you pay for and previous companies never performed the services correctly until today!  I would highly recommend this company, plus they’ve been in business since the 70s and are local!!!"

Robin Kay L.

"We have an indoor BBQ in a brick alcove with a chimney above it. (We love living in a 60 year old custom home. You don’t see features like built in BBQs in the wall anymore.) When you cook, of course you plan on grease dripping downward. No one ever imagines that grease goes up in small particles when you BBQ. Well, after living here for 20+ years, there was grease dripping down the bricks above the grill, and it was disgusting looking! Trying to find someone to clean grease off of bricks (especially up a small chimney) is pretty hard. Action Duct Cleaning came to our rescue! This company is amazing, extremely professional, and the technician cleaned up as he went about the job. Jose worked on our BBQ and he was absolutely fantastic!! We couldn’t be happier with the results and are grateful we found this company. We’re not gonna wait 20 years to call them again!"

M. C.

"Our home owners association hired on ACTION DUCT and WOW!! what a difference - our dryer works wonderfully again! Andy knows what he's doing!"

Chringram I.

"Wow, I didn’t get any service from this company, but I’m leaving this review because I was impressed by Fernando’s time to give me very honest information. I called Action Duct Cleaning to get a quote for compressor replacement. Fernando answered the phone and told me that they don’t do A/C repairs but cleaning. I asked how often we needed cleaning and how much they charge in case we need the service in the future. The A/C technician that came out to our house told us that we needed to clean every 2 years, but Fernando was honest enough to tell me that it needed to be cleaned every four years for residential use. When the time comes to clean our A/C, I will definitely think of Fernando and contact him."

Terry B.

"Action Duct service technician, Andy, did amazing work cleaning our condo duct work and inspecting the roof unit. He went well above and beyond what I would normally expect relative to customer service. He made sure we understood what needed to be done next in working with an HVAC company and explained everything we needed to know about how the unit works. I am an out-of-state owner and he called me to be certain I had all the info I needed to make an informed decision relative to the next step. I trust Action Duct Cleaning Company, they are my go to company for anything related to duct cleaning. Truly experts and truly care about customer service."

Paula L.

"Andy showed up on time to clean out the Chimney. hasn’t been touched in ten years. he did a great job. very tidy. there were no upcharges or additional fees. very straightforward and honest. would for sure hire again. A+"

Joshua M.

"When I first called Action Duct, I reached Joshua. After asking some relevant questions, Joshua gave me a very reasonable quote for cleaning all the air ducts plus the dryer duct. When I asked for their license number, Joshua was happy to give it. I proceeded to look them up on the state license board, the BBB, and NADCA, and they’re definitely legit. On the day of the scheduled service, Andy the technician arrived right on time. He’s very professional and efficient. He definitely takes pride in his work. Drop cloths  and my wigs were laid down to keep the carpet clean. The whole job took about 2 hours, and he cleaned up the flakes from the acoustic ceiling afterwards. There were no additional charges. Everything was up front and no BS. I will definitely call Action Duct next time I need my ducts cleaned."


"Action Duct from Altadena did a dryer duct cleaning for our condominium complex. They were very professional and did an excellent job. No mess afterwards. We plan to use them gain!"

Penny R.

"I was disappointed when Andy was to busy to come clean my vents, but Action sent Marvin and he was terrific too.  He even detected and showed me where my vent had disconnected under the house and crawled right under and reconnected it.  He also showed me how to check every couple of months to be sure it is venting correctly.  I have used Action Duct for years now and highly recommend them.  We started using them every year since we had a dryer fire and feel safe now."

Donna S.

"Working with Mayra Santamaria has been a pleasure."

Mayra Garcia

"We have never had an air duct cleaning service done before.  Actually our reason for even looking into it was due to one of our family members having some asthma / allergy issues.  So we wanted to try and make our home environment as pristine as possible.  I contacted several air duct cleaners. Then we saw a documentary that said you should only work with those that are certified by a trade associated called NADCA.  That is where we found Action Duct Cleaning.  That, plus the positive BBB, Yelp and Angie List ratings gave us the confidence to move forward.  They did forget to call us the day before to remind us everything was on schedule, but besides that they were very professional and did an excellent job.  The technician was very respectful and thorough.  He showed me the vacuum before and after so I could see what was obtained via the air duct cleaning + dryer exhaust cleaning.  Even more so, the technician found a big flaw in the ducts.  The vents were not properly connected to the furnace.  He put some duct tape on, and the very next day we had an A/C technician come and make it permanent."

David C.

"Great company, best in the field. Good service, Great work. Good cleanup."

Jeff Kircher

"They did an amazing job and were a pleasure to work with."

Karla Torres

"Having zero experience with dryer-related issues, I relied on a recommendation from the dryer repair man hired by my warranty company to address issues with my clothes not drying fully after cycle completion.  Late last week, Claudio from Action Duct come out to clean the ducts for my dryer. He was spectacular. He walked me through every step of the process he was performing on the ducts, taking pictures of the ducts afterwards for me to see how clean everything was. He made recommendations for additional repairs I could perform myself and walked me through how to do everything properly.  He vacuumed up all of the lint that came out of the ducts, making sure my place was completely clean before leaving. I cannot speak highly enough for the excellent service I received."

Paul E.

"Andrew the service technician from Action Duct came today to clean my dryer vent. He was very polite, professional, and on time. After inspecting my dryer Andrew provided me with an honest evaluation of what he saw. He was so honest that he actually informed me that my dryer was ok and did not need to have the vent cleaned. The fact that he was so honest and that he saved me money instead of trying to take advantage of the situation was refreshing and incredible. Andrew and Action Duct have earned my respect as well as my loyalty. I will definitely be calling them in the future and recommending them to all my friends."

Robert T.

"Scheduled a cleaning of my dryer ducts yesterday.  I was set up with an appointment the next day at 2 o’clock.  Andy, the technician who came out called and said could come earlier if I was available.  I was, so he came by at 11. Before I get into the actual service call: even the woman (Christine I believe) who scheduled my appointment over the phone was great.  I asked if she could look up a service history on my condo and she did her best to rummage through her records to see what work has been done on my unit/building. I bought my condo a few months ago was told by the previous tenant that the dryer has always been slow, due to the poor duct system.  Andy showed up on time, went up on the roof with me and proceeded to clean out YEARS of lint build up (I took a video of it, but can’t figure out a way to attach it to this review). Upon leaving, Andy requested that I call him on his cell phone after I ran my next load of laundry. He said he felt that, despite the poor duct system, my dryer should work with much higher efficiency. I just finished running a load of laundry.  The last load (before the cleaning) took 3 hours to dry, this load took an hour and forty minutes... and there were towels. I could not have been more pleased with the professionalism, punctuality, thoroughness, honesty, and overall quality of my experience. This is the only company I’ll use to do my duct cleaning."

Josh S.

"Wow! I’m blown away by the incredible service, kindness and intelligence that I experienced when working with Action Duct today. Andy Farr came out to clean our ducts and immediately figured out that we actually had a problem that he wasn’t able to fix because it had to be done by an appliance repair person. He quickly diagnosed our problem and was thorough, honest, transparent and beyond kind. He spent a full 30 minutes looking into why our clothes simply won’t dry in the dryer and then when he realized that the work was out of the scope of what he can perform, he told us we had to contact someone else. I tried to pay him as he had to drive here, spend time here, carry his heavy equipment up and down to access our third floor condo, and yet, he refused to accept our money since he said he wasn’t able to fix our problem. This is incredible! I still feel like I should pay him for his time and his knowledge. He knew exactly why our dryer wasn’t working and helped identify what we need to do to ensure it works (and is safe) going forward. Thank you, Andy!"

Rebecca C.

"Action Duct recently serviced my home and I was happy with the outcome. Jesse was very helpful and courteous, and even came back later to check on something he had forgotten. I would highly recommend Action Duct for any HVAC needs."

Ara N.

"Technicians are very professional and always clean up after the job is done."

Tammy Griffitt

"Excellent service! Went beyond the service call. Clean, fast and efficient. Jesse was very courteous and professional!"

Maria B.

Dan Stradford

Chief Executive Officer

Action Duct Cleaning Company

"Dear Dan,

I would be remiss if I didn’t comment on the performance of one of your Service Technicians, Claudio Rodrigo routed from your Altadena Office. Although I am elderly and a renter of a condominium I try to treat the property as if I own it.  Drying of my laundry seemed to be taking too long so I called the Property Management company of the Home Owners Association regarding the responsibility for dryer vents/ducts traveling to the outside of a residence.  I was told that it was the HOA’s responsibility and that the Management Company would select a service company and would also bear the cost. Today your technician, Claudio Rodrigo came to service the dryer vent/duct system.  He found a bird’s nest over a foot long in the system, secured the apt.-sized dryer (balanced over the washer) to prevent any mishaps from my reaching from a wheelchair, dried the moisture and water from the 30-40 foot vent system and vacuumed the entire vent.  Either you have an excellent ongoing training program or he is just very well versed in his field as his technical knowledge, professionalism, courtesy and general demeanor were exemplary. I just thought that you would like to know that he is a keeper!"

Douglas H.

"Awesome job in cleaning out my dryer duct which was filthy with so much gunk -- hadn’t cleaned it in 6 years. No wonder it was taking so long to dry my clothes. Claudio was very nice and upbeat. He cleaned from inside as well as outside my townhouse. He explained and showed me everything as he was doing his work. Very educational for me and I will be calling back for regular service maintenance."

Nora Y.

"Action Duct did a very thorough job and educated me during the process. David was great."

Linda Rosenberg

"I believe there are multiple locations and I’m not sure if all are owned by the same people. I had my home serviced by the people at the Orange location. The reason I gave Action Duct a 5 star rating is primarily for their excellent customer service as you will read. I did a little research about duct cleaning prior to hiring and found a list of certified HVAC vendors on the National Air Duct Cleaners Assoc. (NADCA) website (I highly recommend visiting this site prior to hiring a vendor to do the work). I got myself educated on the process of duct cleaning and contacted a few vendors on the list of certified vendors to get some estimates. I decided to hire Action Duct based on two things: 1) they were in business the longest; and 2) they had the most competitive pricing. Feeling confident that I had done my research and found a credible vendor I was confident I had nothing to worry about with my decision to hire Action Duct. I made my appointment with Tracy who was very friendly and polite and in a few days one of their service tech came to my house on time to do the cleaning.

The service tech was friendly and quickly got to work. Having some knowledge of how the process worked, I noticed right away that certain steps were not being performed as described by NADCA. In short, after the tech finished and left my house I noticed that almost everything was covered with black dust and debris even though the tech had vacuumed the floor and dusted certain areas. I quickly realized that this job was definitely not to NADCA’s standards and so I called the office that day to explain all the dust and debris that still remained and the steps the service tech overlooked during the cleaning process which probably contributed to all the dust and debris. This is where the 5 star rating is earned and well deserved. So I spoke with Tracy and she quickly apologized for the botched job and immediately assured me that they would not charge me for the work performed. I had taken photos of the dust and debris and so she asked if I could email them to her with a summary of what I had witnessed during the cleaning. That same day I got a call from the owner, Jim, as he took ownership and responsibility for the poor job. I was very impressed with how quickly they took action to rectify the situation. Jim offered to redo the cleaning with another service tech at absolutely no charge for the second cleaning. I was hesitant at first, not wanting to possibly go through another weekend of cleaning, but because of his genuine sincerity to restore my confidence in his company I agreed to have a tech come out a second time. There was a significant difference in the way the second service tech performed the cleaning verses the first time around, so I’m confident that the cleaning was performed correctly. I really commend Tracy and Jim for their excellent customer service and for their efforts to keep their customers happy and satisfied."

Eski K.

"I called Action Duct for an appointment. Nick arrived with all his gear. He was very professional, thorough and willing to explain the process. He noticed the furnace needed a new filter so he recommended that I order it and reschedule. The new filter arrived. Nick returned and performed a complete job. At some point a register was rattling. I contacted Action Duct again. This time Andy arrived to check out the rattle. He re-adjusted it and recommended that I get a replacement due to potential rusting. Summary: They make a great team. They are hard-working, professional and take great pride in their workmanship. I will definitely call them again for the next round of cleaning. Thank you!"

Paul G.

"Honest, on time, efficient, and reliable. Would absolutely use them again and highly recommend them."

Erica W.

“They were very responsive, their quote was half the price of the other quote we received, and they made it as convenient as possible for us.”

"Everything went so smoothly working with Action Duct for the HVAC cleaning of our Laguna Hills store. They were very responsive, their quote was half the price of the other quote we received, and they made it as convenient as possible for us so it wouldn’t impact our business during store hours. Parker, our on-site store manager, commented to me on what a great and thorough job Action Duct did, including making sure everything in the store was completely covered and leaving no trace behind. I really appreciate that Henry took the time to educate me on air filters and other items that have also helped me in my job beyond this project. I would definitely use Action Duct again."

Tamar M., Facilities Coordinator

"I bought the house 7 months ago and I needed to get my heat ventilation system cleaned. It had not been cleaned since the previous owner for six years. After requesting an estimate from another company that took two weeks to respond, I called Action Duct. The Action Duct person asked about the house and asked what I thought I would need and any concerns I might have. They gave me a quote over the phone and set the date for the following week. They sent Andy out to do the work. He was here on time, took a look at what I would need. He explained to me what he planned to do and made certain I was comfortable with his plan. He cleaned the entire vent system put on new output registers throughout the house, that I had purchased ahead of time. It was recommended that I purchase my own registers when I called Action Duct and they would replace them. (saved me a whole lot of money buying them myself) Andy’s work is excellent, he is clean neat, thorough and friendly, I highly recommend his work. The price was what they quoted me. It was significantly better than what was quoted to me by the other Company. I highly recommend Action Duct."

John S.

"We had our home serviced by Action Duct Cleaning and we are very satisfied with the job performed.  Jesse was great in getting all our duct vents, furnace, bathroom extractor and dryer cleaned.  We have noticed that our system is working more efficiently than before and feels great for my sinus allergies that all the dust is gone.  He also did some patching up in our system were there was a gap with some special metal tape that we had purchased.  We would highly recommend this company if you are looking to get your ducts cleaned."

Evelyn D.

"We’ve used Andy from Action Duct Cleaning a couple of times. The first time when a raccoon decided to claw its way into our ductwork. We didn’t know what was happening until we turned on the heater! Andy pulled out a dead raccoon and cleaned-up the ducting. The second time was when we asked him to clean-up a rat infestation. It was so bad that he kindly told us he wouldn’t take our money and recommended George Haney & Sons to put in new ducting. He’s really a stand-up guy. I highly recommend them."

Antoinette M.

"Just moved into a house previously occupied by an elderly couple for many years. The first time I turned on the air conditioning I could tell that the vents were in dire need of cleaning. My contractor recommended Action Duct and they were willing to come out on a Sunday! Andy showed up and immediately went into ’action’ inspecting and cleaning the vents. He covered the floors with tarps and then rolled in a humongous commercial vacuum and made his way up into the attic. 2 1/2 hrs. later, the job was done. I could immediately tell that all was well. The air coming out now smells clean, the A/C works better and there is no smell of dust. The charge was $672 and I checked around, that is how much it costs to get a top rate job done. Andy was very personable, friendly, knowledgeable and efficient. I would use these guys again without question."

Laura D.

"We have never had an air duct cleaning service done before. Actually our reason for even looking into it was due to one of our family members having some asthma / allergy issues. So we wanted to try and make our home environment as pristine as possible. I contacted several air duct cleaners. Then we saw a documentary that said you should only work with those that are certified by a trade associated called NADCA. That is where we found Action Duct Cleaning. That, plus the positive BBB, Yelp and Angie List ratings..."

David C.

"Action Duct was referred by AARS Appliance Repair Service to service our dryer vent after fixing our dryer due to heat flow. Sunday that I called in for service and Sunday afternoon, they showed up. Amazing workmanship by Jesse and his brother. Punctual, trustworthy and reliable. I highly recommend this company for your duct cleaning at home or your business! Very professional and priced right! Thank you guys for a wonderful job!"

Jeric L.

"I have zero experience with dryer-related issues, but I knew I had a problem with my dryer not fully drying the clothes after a drying cycle. I knew I had a build-up of lint in my dryer mesh and pipe, so I decided to call Action Duct Cleaning to see if they bring in a technician today to address the problem. They were able to fit me right in even at a really short notice, which was great. Claudio from Action Duct came out to clean the ducts from my dryer and I must honestly say, he was spectacular from start to finish. He went beyond his actual service by walking me through every step of the process while he was cleaning out the ducts. As a visual learner, it was helpful when he took pictures for me to clearly understand the problem and took before and after photos of the cleaning. While he was doing his cleaning, he also noticed other problems and was so helpful to address and fix the problem, while teaching me what I need to do to address these problems in the future. He even advised on how to do everything properly. The place was left clean and a really satisfied customer. I will definitely recommend him to anyone living in the San Gabriel Valley area."

Joanna D.

"I’m not one to write reviews unless I’m totally blown away and today I was! Andy Farr provided such excellent customer service that I felt the need to share my experience online, only to find out that it appears there are many people in the greater Los Angeles area that feel the same way about Andy and Action duct! Andy was polite, courteous, respectful, personable, thorough, efficient and he took the time to educate me on the service he was providing and it’s importance as it relates to me personally. My husband and I purchased our home six months ago and we experienced the extreme heat in the summer and now the cold weather. As new homeowners we didn’t really know the need for regular maintenance to the duct system but given the fact that our six month old has had respiratory issues for 3 months we thought we’d give it a shot and it is evident now that our duct system has a huge role in his health and our own! I highly suggest this company and we will definitely be using them again on a regular basis!"

Jennifer C.


“As a subcontractor for Battelle, I’ve worked with Action Duct to clean all the ductwork and HVAC for 3 different office buildings on the base. Action Duct is always efficient, always on time, and they always clean up after themselves. We’ve never had any complaints from our clients (military and government personnel), and are extremely happy with Action Duct.”

George Reed, Site Superintendent

"A few days ago after using the heat for the first time this season I woke up with breathing difficulties and having lived in a 4 floors house since 93 we knew that the ducts and vents were the culprits! Being ignorant and without recommendations I consulted yelp and proceeded to call; from beginning to end 5 stars is very merited. Claudio and the most gentlemen workers promptly arrived at 9 o’clock with price and approximate time agreed over the phone with Joseph. The short of the story is that everything including a very dirty furnace because of missing filters ....our troops had to work until after 7 ( twice the time) and respected the price and wouldn’t leave before the most perfects results accomplished ! Every grill cleaned, everything put back in place and extreme care to the environment ....we have beautiful pale wooden floors and staircases. Enough said lucky you will be to cross path!"

Helene R.

"Overall great customer service."

Lisa Gutierrez

"Jesse came out and cleaned our ducts, etc. He did an awesome job! I definitely would recommend this company for duct cleaning!"

Cathie T.

"This was a great experience.  Andy was on time, efficient and all was done quickly and thoroughly. He was very careful to clean up afterward so I was left with nothing to do.I will definitely use this company again!"

Susan F.

"Great service!!! Had another company out and they couldn't even find my duct exhaust opening! Very friendly and easy to work with to schedule! Definitely recommend!!!"

Jennifer Z.

"An extremely positive experience from start to finish. I got Action Duct’s name from a professional organization for duct cleaners.  I then checked Yelp.  I then called the office.  From there: The quote - straightforward.  Basically it’s a flat fee multiplied by the number of ducts you have. The technician - came on time, was very professional, laid paper, cleaned up after himself, explained some things about our AC returns, etc.  And, the most important part - there was no upselling, he didn’t use scare tactics to get us to do more things (like other contractors have done) etc. I would definitely use them again when we clean our ducts next or if we were to buy another property."

Judith B.

"At 9:30 this morning I spoke to Action Duct. By 11:15 Claudio showed up! Claudio was just amazing. He completely cleaned my dryer ducts and the identified a problem I have been living with for years. I have a booster fan that was noisy and not working properly. Claudio had to get under my house to fix the fan and the ducts. This turned out to be a bigger job than he anticipated but he stayed and took care of everything. I highly recommend Action Duct and Claudio!"

Mia S.

"OK folks...this one is a slam dunk. I run a network online that facilitates (for free) businesses and people to one another. So if you need a plumber, roofer, paver-or in this case an air duct cleaning company-we research all of this in the Southern California area for price/service weighted averages. In this case for Action-who has been around for all of my 25 years in the cleaning industry; they have BOTH. Hands down the least expensive, and honest, with the best service available. They are SO busy, this last visit was well worth the 2 week waiting time-don’t be FOOLED, this is VERY important for your home or apartment (commercial buildings too). Clean those ducts every 2-3 years; and use these guys, or you’ll end up using them next time. Mold is so serious, it can be lethal-my personal experience is what led me to these folks at Action, and that was 15 years ago-they have only gotten better. This isn’t a review-it’s a rave...818-749-1940. My tech’s name was: Andy-he even did the dryer ducts in the service porch (included). Ask for him, and call way ahead of time!"

Robert B.