Air Duct Cleaning Services

Industrial duct cleaning yields important benefits:

  • Removing unhealthy residue buildup
  • Minimizing fire hazards
  • Reducing the risk of duct collapse
  • Improving indoor air flow and air quality

Industrial Air Duct Cleaning Services by Action Duct

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Environmental Effects of Production

Manufacturing often results in the discharge of dust, fumes, smoke, plastic particles, ink, lint, and chemical or gas toxins. When these are released into the air, they often make their way into the ductwork.

Layers of residue stick to the ducts, creating a number of problems:

  • Flammable matter such as lint, oil or wood dust can be ignited by a nearby source of heat or sparks. One company, a textile manufacturer, became our client after losing a half-million-dollar smog-reduction unit when a fire roared through the ductwork, across the factory and into the unit at the end.
  • Heavy accumulation of residue can clog the ducts, render the ducts ineffective at drawing air well, and even cause ductwork to collapse or fall down based on sheer weight

Duct Cleaning Costs

Action Duct’s industrial cleaning services and world-class expertise in industrial duct cleaning provide a high return on investment. Significant improvements in air quality and energy efficiency mean better employee health, fewer sick days, higher product quality, significantly reduced energy bills, and reduced risks of fire, product contamination and employer liability.

Well Equipped for the Toughest Jobs

We are ISN and NADCA certified, fully insured, and highly accustomed to working the most demanding jobs and schedules. Action Duct works closely with you to accommodate your schedule and maximize uptime, so your production output doesn’t suffer unnecessarily.

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