Residential, Industrial, & Commercial Gutter Cleaning & Repair Services

Gutters are an important part of the wellbeing of your home or building, controlling the flow of rainwater to protect your roof, walls, foundation and landscape. Tree sap, twigs, leaves, bird droppings and other debris can clog the gutters and downspouts. Since it isn’t easy to see the inside of your gutters, obstructions can easily go unnoticed.

Why is Gutter Cleaning Important?

Periodic gutter cleaning can prevent significant problems like a leaky roof and water damage to the inside and outside of your property. The purpose of gutters is to get stormwater (and in colder climates, snow melt as well) away from your home or building, specifically the foundation. Neglecting to clean your gutters can have major consequences:

  • Cracking the foundation
  • Serious water damage
  • Rotting fascia and soffit boards which support the bottom ends of the roof, putting the gutters at risk of sagging and collapse, and providing an opening for animals and water to enter

What Gutter Services Does Action Duct Provide?

  • Residential gutter cleaning
  • Commercial gutter cleaning
  • Industrial gutter cleaning
  • Gutter repairs
  • Gutter fabrication

For gutter cleaning, we lay out drop cloths to protect the landscape and balconies from falling leaves and other gutter contents, carefully remove all muck and debris, and flush the gutters and downspouts to thoroughly clean them and spot any leaks.

What Does Gutter Cleaning Cost?

Cost primarily depends on these factors:

  • Number of stories
  • Square footage of home or building
  • Total linear footage of gutter

Action Duct will never upcharge based on how dirty your gutters are. We go through the same thorough preparation and cleaning process either way, and see no reason for you to pay more.

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Gutter Cleaning 5
Gutter Cleaning 6


Whether you are just gathering information, would like a quote, or are ready to schedule service, we’re happy to help.

How Often Should Gutters be Cleaned?

The climate and landscape surrounding the property affect how often gutters should be cleaned. Typically it’s best to clean gutters twice a year:

  • In spring when trees drop the most debris and sap, and as pollen, flower petals and seeds build up.
  • In late fall after most of the leaves have come down.

If you are in the desert, you may be able to go longer without gutter cleaning. If you are in a heavily wooded area or have had a particularly stormy season, you might consider having your gutters cleaned more often.


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