Air Pollution from Dirty HVAC System

4 Ways Air Conditioning Impact Allergies and Indoor Air Pollution

(ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED IN INDOOR COMFORT NEWS) People Who Complain They’re called Whiners and Complainers. Air conditioning contractors, their service techs, and building engineers know these people well – these “nit-pickers” in the buildings they service. Maybe it’s an office building where a few staff are complaining of sore throats...

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When HVAC Systems Need Cleaning

(ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED IN PLANT SERVICES – ONLINE) The heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) system is the respiratory system – the lungs – of a building. Return ducts take in air from the occupied space and send it through an air handler, where it is warmed or cooled and returned...

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The Ten Main Reasons Why HVAC Systems Get Dirty

(ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED IN SNIPS MAGAZINE) Our company recently surveyed all of our foremen so that we could better serve our clients. We wanted their experienced opinions of why HVAC systems get dirty in the first place. What are the contributing factors? The foremen are all seasoned veterans averaging 12...

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Dryer Duct Cleaning Helps Prevent Household Fires

Do you ever really think about dryer duct cleaning? Did you know that clothes dryers account for almost 12,000 fires that cause numerous deaths and injuries annually, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission? They also recommend that the interior of the dryer be cleaned periodically by a qualified service...

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