“I believe there are multiple locations and I’m not sure if all are owned by the same people. I had my home serviced by the people at the Orange location. The reason I gave Action Duct a 5 star rating is primarily for their excellent customer service as you will read. I did a little research about duct cleaning prior to hiring and found a list of certified HVAC vendors on the National Air Duct Cleaners Assoc. (NADCA) website (I highly recommend visiting this site prior to hiring a vendor to do the work). I got myself educated on the process of duct cleaning and contacted a few vendors on the list of certified vendors to get some estimates. I decided to hire Action Duct based on two things: 1) they were in business the longest; and 2) they had the most competitive pricing. Feeling confident that I had done my research and found a credible vendor I was confident I had nothing to worry about with my decision to hire Action Duct. I made my appointment with Tracy who was very friendly and polite and in a few days one of their service tech came to my house on time to do the cleaning.

The service tech was friendly and quickly got to work. Having some knowledge of how the process worked, I noticed right away that certain steps were not being performed as described by NADCA. In short, after the tech finished and left my house I noticed that almost everything was covered with black dust and debris even though the tech had vacuumed the floor and dusted certain areas. I quickly realized that this job was definitely not to NADCA’s standards and so I called the office that day to explain all the dust and debris that still remained and the steps the service tech overlooked during the cleaning process which probably contributed to all the dust and debris. This is where the 5 star rating is earned and well deserved. So I spoke with Tracy and she quickly apologized for the botched job and immediately assured me that they would not charge me for the work performed. I had taken photos of the dust and debris and so she asked if I could email them to her with a summary of what I had witnessed during the cleaning. That same day I got a call from the owner, Jim, as he took ownership and responsibility for the poor job. I was very impressed with how quickly they took action to rectify the situation. Jim offered to redo the cleaning with another service tech at absolutely no charge for the second cleaning. I was hesitant at first, not wanting to possibly go through another weekend of cleaning, but because of his genuine sincerity to restore my confidence in his company I agreed to have a tech come out a second time. There was a significant difference in the way the second service tech performed the cleaning verses the first time around, so I’m confident that the cleaning was performed correctly. I really commend Tracy and Jim for their excellent customer service and for their efforts to keep their customers happy and satisfied.”