“Wow! I’m blown away by the incredible service, kindness and intelligence that I experienced when working with Action Duct today. Andy Farr came out to clean our ducts and immediately figured out that we actually had a problem that he wasn’t able to fix because it had to be done by an appliance repair person. He quickly diagnosed our problem and was thorough, honest, transparent and beyond kind. He spent a full 30 minutes looking into why our clothes simply won’t dry in the dryer and then when he realized that the work was out of the scope of what he can perform, he told us we had to contact someone else. I tried to pay him as he had to drive here, spend time here, carry his heavy equipment up and down to access our third floor condo, and yet, he refused to accept our money since he said he wasn’t able to fix our problem. This is incredible! I still feel like I should pay him for his time and his knowledge. He knew exactly why our dryer wasn’t working and helped identify what we need to do to ensure it works (and is safe) going forward. Thank you, Andy!”