Dan Stradford

Chief Executive Officer

Action Duct Cleaning Company

“Dear Dan,

I would be remiss if I didn’t comment on the performance of one of your Service Technicians, Claudio Rodrigo routed from your Altadena Office. Although I am elderly and a renter of a condominium I try to treat the property as if I own it.  Drying of my laundry seemed to be taking too long so I called the Property Management company of the Home Owners Association regarding the responsibility for dryer vents/ducts traveling to the outside of a residence.  I was told that it was the HOA’s responsibility and that the Management Company would select a service company and would also bear the cost. Today your technician, Claudio Rodrigo came to service the dryer vent/duct system.  He found a bird’s nest over a foot long in the system, secured the apt.-sized dryer (balanced over the washer) to prevent any mishaps from my reaching from a wheelchair, dried the moisture and water from the 30-40 foot vent system and vacuumed the entire vent.  Either you have an excellent ongoing training program or he is just very well versed in his field as his technical knowledge, professionalism, courtesy and general demeanor were exemplary. I just thought that you would like to know that he is a keeper!”