“I’ve used Action Duct Cleaning now twice, and both times I’m been so happy with their service.  My first experience with them is when I owned a townhome two years ago. The dryer vent became clogged, and I needed someone to clean it out. I found this business on Yelp, and they were able to come out on relatively short notice to get the task taken care of. A price quote was given It was a relatively complicated task it turns out, because the dryer vent path traveled a long distance between laundry room and the exterior vent hole. It was also SO clogged and had things like socks stuck in it as well. Crazy.  My second experience was just this week, at a different home that I’ve lived in now for almost a year. I knew I needed to get the ducts and HVAC cleaned out, and the dryer vent as well. I was provided a quote over the phone with standard pricing per vent, for the HVAC unit, and for the dryer vent. The technician was extremely clean while working, and vacuumed any signs of dust or mess prior to leaving. I’m really happy to have everything cleaned out now, since allergy season is in full swing and the summer is approaching. I think my only gripe is that when they take the vents off (and this is for any service out there), they have to cut them off with an exacto knife. The type-A person in me will go through the entire house to make the vents look seamless again. But I realize this is just me, and the technician did what he had to do to get the job done… still rather neat, if you ask me. If you are looking for a duct cleaning service, I highly recommend Action Duct Cleaning.”