“I’m not one to write reviews unless I’m totally blown away and today I was! Andy Farr provided such excellent customer service that I felt the need to share my experience online, only to find out that it appears there are many people in the greater Los Angeles area that feel the same way about Andy and Action duct! Andy was polite, courteous, respectful, personable, thorough, efficient and he took the time to educate me on the service he was providing and it’s importance as it relates to me personally. My husband and I purchased our home six months ago and we experienced the extreme heat in the summer and now the cold weather. As new homeowners we didn’t really know the need for regular maintenance to the duct system but given the fact that our six month old has had respiratory issues for 3 months we thought we’d give it a shot and it is evident now that our duct system has a huge role in his health and our own! I highly suggest this company and we will definitely be using them again on a regular basis!”