“I have zero experience with dryer-related issues, but I knew I had a problem with my dryer not fully drying the clothes after a drying cycle. I knew I had a build-up of lint in my dryer mesh and pipe, so I decided to call Action Duct Cleaning to see if they bring in a technician today to address the problem. They were able to fit me right in even at a really short notice, which was great. Claudio from Action Duct came out to clean the ducts from my dryer and I must honestly say, he was spectacular from start to finish. He went beyond his actual service by walking me through every step of the process while he was cleaning out the ducts. As a visual learner, it was helpful when he took pictures for me to clearly understand the problem and took before and after photos of the cleaning. While he was doing his cleaning, he also noticed other problems and was so helpful to address and fix the problem, while teaching me what I need to do to address these problems in the future. He even advised on how to do everything properly. The place was left clean and a really satisfied customer. I will definitely recommend him to anyone living in the San Gabriel Valley area.”