“Andy from Action Duct has been coming to my place once a year for three years now. I thought my dryer was broken because clothes were just getting wet and steamy. But, I live in a condo with an odd design, and the dryer vents into a long duct that goes through a wall and around a corner before it vents outside. Andy discovered that this long duct was clogged up. In no time, he had it cleaned out and my dryer worked beautifully. He also noticed that protective cover over the exterior vent was too tight a mesh, and was causing reduced airflow. He replaced it with a wider mesh and that helped a lot, too. Now he comes out once a year to clean out whatever has accumulated in that long duct. He’s courteous, responsible and 100% honest. He’s not going to recommend work that you don’t need. He could have done that with me, and he didn’t! I highly recommend Action Duct.”