“OK folks…this one is a slam dunk. I run a network online that facilitates (for free) businesses and people to one another. So if you need a plumber, roofer, paver-or in this case an air duct cleaning company-we research all of this in the Southern California area for price/service weighted averages. In this case for Action-who has been around for all of my 25 years in the cleaning industry; they have BOTH. Hands down the least expensive, and honest, with the best service available. They are SO busy, this last visit was well worth the 2 week waiting time-don’t be FOOLED, this is VERY important for your home or apartment (commercial buildings too). Clean those ducts every 2-3 years; and use these guys, or you’ll end up using them next time. Mold is so serious, it can be lethal-my personal experience is what led me to these folks at Action, and that was 15 years ago-they have only gotten better. This isn’t a review-it’s a rave…818-749-1940. My tech’s name was: Andy-he even did the dryer ducts in the service porch (included). Ask for him, and call way ahead of time!”