“Andy saved our hides! I was an on-site property manager in Sherman Oaks until a recent job change. Last December we had a huge plumbing emergency that caused massive leaking from the roof down through 3 floors to the garage level. So what does that have to do with ducting? I became the project manager over-seeing the removal of all the washers, dryers while we repaired the ceilings, walls and floors of those 3 levels. We accounted for painters to lay drywall and paint, electricians to reconnect the outlets, the washing machine service to reinstall the machines…but no one to connect the machines to the ducting. Yikes! It was friday after a week of no laundry, I had angry tenants prepping for holiday visitors and the need to do my own laundry after 2 weeks of reno-hell! I called Action Duct and they got Andy out to us within hours! He cleaned the ducts, re- connected our ductwork to the machines, through the wall holes, sealed it all up and made sure the mounts were secure before leaving. I was thrilled with the communication between the office and technician. Andy was polite to the residents, cleaned up his mess and left the space looking better than when he started. I shared the info with other property managers in the area and can’t wait to call them to service my next place!”